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5 Reason Why You Should Get a Gambit Chess Board for 2021

Chess has always been a misconceived game, mainstream media portraying that it is only a game for intellectual geniuses. This couldn't be further from the truth. There are so many hidden benefits from playing this strategic game. In a time where society collectively spends such a large portion of our days between the same four walls, there couldn’t be a better time to pick up a game like chess. In this blog I will be discussing five reasons why you should get a Gambit Chess Board. 

  1. Playing chess leads to better overall brain function. The brain is the most crucial, as well as the most interesting organ in the human body. An interesting fact about the brain, when it has no stimulation the cells begin to die. With that being said it's obvious to understand why we have to exercise our brains, and chess is a rigorous mental workout for the brain. Studies show that chess doesn't use one specific part of the brain like most other tasks. Playing chess actually requires you to use your entire brain to be successful. Scientists also claim that playing chess can increase your mental age by up to 14 years. How's that for being productive while playing a game!

  1. Chess also improves memory. Science has shown that playing chess actually helps keep Alzheimer's away, which is directly related to memory loss. Chess is a game of straining your brain to remember past plays and thinking of future plays. Using tactics you remember from past experiences to aid in your gameplay. The best part is that this benefit is so transferable to other areas of life, you use your memory everyday, a Gambit Chess Board will only help improve it!
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  1. Playing chess gives you the perspective to look into somebody else's brain and try to figure out their game plan. While you're trying to figure out your opponent, you are also planning multiple steps ahead to try to win the game. This is so beneficial as it translates to other aspects of life. Life is all about planning and thinking ahead to figure out what you think others are going to do based on their situation. Playing chess is truly one of the best brain workouts you can put yourself through. 

  1. Cognitive abilities is a very broad phrase. Your cognitive abilities cover almost every aspect of what your brain can produce. When you play chess, you're improving all of your cognitive abilities as you are using every part of your brain. Improving things like attention span is very crucial especially as we enter an age of technology where everything is at the tip of our fingers. Children are inheriting worse and worse attention spans every generation because of this. A Gambit Chess Board is one of the ways you can resist this change, for the benefit of anyone who will agree to sit down and play! 

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  1. Chess is so much fun to play! When you get past the initial stage of learning the rules, it is just as fun as any strategic game you could play. Especially when you're playing with friends or family, that direct competition really gets you into the game. Meticulously planning every move so you don't get caught by your opponent. It is truly exciting, and how many games can you play which stimulate your brain so effectively while you are having fun!

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