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What Is 'FAST SLING PUCK GAME' and Why Is It So Popular

Let the games begin! Our new fast sling puck game is the ultimate wooden board game for every member of the family! Sling puck is the best 2-player wooden board game on the market right now. Challenge your opponent, go head to head in this fast paced, reaction time based game. Focus hard and concentrate on slinging that puck through the gate and into your opponents area to win!

Fast Sling Puck Game - Hockey Wooden Games for Kids and Adults

The sling puck hockey table is a great purchase if you’re looking for some family fun. Sling puck is a great activity for kids and parents alike. Watch your kids lock their attention on the game at hand and see them concentrate like never before. This game is great for family game night! Allowing kids and parents to play together, have fun, create timeless memories, and build stronger bonds.

The fast sling puck game comes with a wooden board and 10 matching pucks in either black or white. The game is very straight forward, but nobody who I’ve ever played has called it easy.  The 1v1 format makes for an infectiously competitive environment. You and your opponent will certainly be engulfed in the game once it begins. Your goal is simple, to use the elastic rope to catapult your pucks into the opponents area! The pucks can only be propelled by your elastic rope, no cheating! It may not sound very difficult, but this sling puck game will challenge you and your kids! Promoting growth in hand-eye coordination, focus, and concentration. 

Some amazing features of this product include: 

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Ideal for kids above the age of 12
  • Made with 100% natural wood
  • Durable and resistant
  • Board size: 14.5 x 8.5-inch
  • Fast-paced action game
  • Easy and fun to play
  • Unique present for kids and adults

The complete Fast Puck Sling Game set includes: 

  • 1 x Wooden Board with 2 Elastic Strings
  • 5 x White Pucks
  • 5 x Black Pucks

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