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A. E. Waite Tarot Cards

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A. E. Waite Tarot Cards
A. E. Waite Tarot Cards A. E. Waite Tarot Cards A. E. Waite Tarot Cards
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Discover your inner potential and find out the purpose of your life through tarot card reading. This deck of A. E. Waite Tarot Cards is designed to answer numerous psychological questions related to your life. Respond to every challenge in life with full confidence & determination, and strengthen your abilities to fight back in tough times when you know what the future holds for you! 

Product specifications: 

  • Size: Approx 10*6cm
  • Category: Board Game Card
  • Subdivision: Tarot Oracle Card
  • Material: laser paper
  • Uses: table games, divination prediction
  • Applicable occasions: parties, multi-person gatherings


  • A unique clear card
  • Mainly, there is a QR code on the back of the product shell; by scanning the QR code, you can obtain the manual.