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Tarot Illuminati Tarot Board Game

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Tarot Illuminati Tarot Board Game
Tarot Illuminati Tarot Board Game Tarot Illuminati Tarot Board Game
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Tarot cards are designed with precision to help you explore your gut feelings and predict what might come as an obstacle or opportunity for you. Delve deeper into this skill of tarot reading with this Tarot Illuminati Tarot Board Game deck. Whether you want to start up a career in tarot reading or just prefer it as a fun activity, this deck would be a perfect choice in all the cases. 

Product specifications: 

  • Category: Board Game Card
  • Size: Approx 10*6 cm
  • Subdivision: Tarot Oracle Card
  • Material: laser paper
  • Uses: table games, divination prediction
  • Applicable occasions: parties, multi-person gatherings


  • A unique clear card
  • Mainly, there is a QR code on the back of the product shell; by scanning the QR code, you can obtain the manual.