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Tarot Of The Cloisters

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Tarot Of The Cloisters
Tarot Of The Cloisters Tarot Of The Cloisters Tarot Of The Cloisters
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Unleash your mental strength, prediction, analysis, and forecasting powers and build a peaceful, happy, and positive environment for all surrounding you. Whether you are seeking answers regarding career or relationship changes or just indulging in tarot reading considering it a fun activity, this Tarot Of The Cloisters card deck is all that you need! 

Product specifications: 

  • Size: Approx 10*10 cm
  • Category: Board Game Card
  • Subdivision: Tarot Oracle Card
  • Material: laser paper
  • Uses: table games, divination prediction
  • Applicable occasions: parties, multi-person gatherings


  • A unique clear card
  • Mainly, there is a QR code on the back of the product shell; by scanning the QR code, you can obtain the manual.