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Do-It-Yourself Fast Sling Puck: 5 Steps

Do-It-Yourself Fast Sling Puck: 5 Steps

Let’s started by introducing the game Fast Sling Puck. It is important to understand the game and the proper rules before beginning this fun project, so that you can grasp a better understanding of why certain components of the board are needed.

As a repercussion of the current pandemic we are in because of COVID-19, kids are not allowed to play with their friends or go out and swing on the playground. Due to this, online gaming and other online activities have drastically increased. We have compiled a quick DIY project that can help you to keep your kids away from the screen. This fun project will improve decision making, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination, whilst also entertaining your kids for hours on end!

What is Fast Sling Puck?

Fast Sling Puck is a classic game that has been around for quite some time, and with good reason! It’s fun, fast-paced, and anyone is able to play it. The tabletop puck game is a game of strategy, talent, and speed. Keep reading for more about the rules of this game and how to make one of your very own, or to give as a gift.

Fast Sling Puck Rules

The Fast Sling Puck game is meant to be played by two players, each seated at opposite ends of the game board. In the center of the board, there’s a barrier with a small slot cut into the center of it; this is where each player will aim their puck, trying to shoot it through to the opponent’s side of the board.

Each player begins with ten small disks or pucks. One of the players announces “go” (with or without a countdown before it — that part is up to you!) and then you begin using the bungee cord on your side of the board to aim your pucks toward the center hole (also known as the gate). The objective of the game is to clear your side, meaning getting your own pucks to the opponent’s side, as well as returning any of your opponent’s pucks should they get them through. The first player to completely clear their side wins.

There are a few other obvious rules. 

  • Players aren’t allowed to push the pucks through the gate with their fingertips or pick them up unless they end up off of the board. 
  • If a puck flies off of the board, the person who flicked it off of the board has to go get it. 
  • Players can slide pucks out of the way on their own side of the board, but can’t touch any of the pucks on their opponent’s side. 

Now, it’s time to get your DIY on! Below are 6 easy steps to create your very own Fast Sling Puck Game!

Step 1: What Do We Need?

  • Wooden Plank: Approximately a 7" x 15" rectangle
  • Thick Cardboard
  • PVA glue or Fevicol Old plastic coins from carom or any other game
  • Rubber bands
  • One wooden skewer
  • Cutter
  • Paper tape



Step 2: Borders

To make the borders, you need to cut 6 0.75" strips of cardboard. 1 on each far end, two connecting on each of the long ends, and one on the middle. Using PVA glue, glue the cardboard strips on both sides of the wooden plank and let it sit to dry for 30 minutes. Remember to clean the plank and its sides before you start to ensure a better adhesive.

Step 3: Center

The centerpiece needs to have a rectangular slot to allow the coins to pass through. Glue the centerpiece in the center as a divider between both opposing sides. The length of the slot is 1.8 times the diameter of the coin. Let it sit to dry for 30 minutes. 

Note: 2 coins should not be able to pass, side by side.



Step 4: Neat and Tidy

To add some extra durability, a cleaner look, and increased longevity, cover the cardboard side with tape by wrapping the tape thoroughly around the cardboard.

Step 5: Sling

The sling is a key component that allows you to catapult your coin across to the opposing side. For the sling, rubber bands work perfectly for the job.

From each end, cut one slit at a distance of 1.5" on each side, then, using a small skewer, tie the rubber band on each side. Test the coins are able to move across and adjust the height and tension of the rubber band, as needed.


And now you’re all done! It’s time to let the fun begin! This Fast Sling Puck game is a favorite for everyone. This two-player game challenges you to use your skills and focus to defeat your opponent. It is a great activity for kids and parents, allowing everyone in the family to have fun, create timeless memories, and build special bonds. 

Although you have built your very own do-it-yourself Fast Sling Puck Game, this project creation is not as durable, strong, or long-lasting as our high-quality wooden version. This DIY project is a great temporary game, but wouldn’t it be an amazing surprise to your kids if you bought them their very own real wooden Fast Sling Puck game! Click the button below to get your very own, beautifully made, finely-crafted Fast Sling Puck Boards to hold onto forever!