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Our 5 Most Popular Products

Our 5 Most Popular Products

Has quarantine got you feeling bored? Are you interested in taking up a new hobby? Or are you perhaps already a game enthusiast? Gambits Games is the perfect store for anyone looking to relieve their boredom! We sell high quality board games for all ages to play. You can have fun with your friends and family! Keep reading to find out our 5 most popular products!


This chess board is an essential for any chess enthusiasts. It is made of high quality materials with a sturdy, secure storage. Underneath the board, each chess piece has its place for storing. This way, none of your pieces will go missing or chip against each other. The board is also magnetic which makes playing easier, especially in the car or on the bus. You can have fun no matter where you are. There’s no wonder why this set is our most popular item!


This chess set is the perfect board for both beginners and professionals! This beautiful set features a folding board and slots for each piece, making it easy to store and carry around. You can have fun playing at home or on your travels! It is also magnetic so you no longer need to worry about your chess pieces going missing or falling off the board while you play. 


Your boredom wil face away fast with this sling puck game! This two player game is the perfect activity for any game night. Simply use your hand to catapult each puck through the gate into your opponents area. Not only will you have lots of fun playing this, but it will also help you build your motor skills, hand-eye coordination, focus, and concentration! Its lightweight design also allows you to take it anywhere!


Are you looking for a regal and antique chess board to add to your collection? This antique folding chess set is perfect for you! This set is made from zinc, alloy, brass, copper, and walnut. Not only is it great quality, but it is also foldable! This makes it easy to transport and ensures that you won't lose any chess pieces. Simply open the latch, get your pieces out, and start playing wherever and whenever you want!


This adorable chess board is perfect for anyone on the go! Have you ever been travelling and wished you could have your chess board with you? Or have you taken your chess board with you while travelling and lost pieces? The Portable Magnetic Travel Chess Board solves all your issues! Its small size allows it to be compact so it fits in your bag or pocket. The pieces are also magnetic so you can play without worrying about losing pieces. Or, if you’re in the car, the pieces will never fall off the board!


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